Openprimaries Education Fund

Open Primaries Education Fund

The mission of the Open Primaries Education Fund is to conduct research,
host educational forums, and educate the public about primary election systems.

The Open Primaries Education Fund achieves its

mission through three key areas of practice.

1. We work to EDUCATE all Americans about the primary election process and systems. Our efforts are conducted through publicly accessible information, educative materials, general research, analysis, and study. We focus on public attitudes and perceptions toward the electoral process and how different methods of primary elections impact on the policy process.

2. We SPONSOR town halls and other forums with experts in the field to promote dialogue and understanding of the electoral process.

3. Finally, we conduct legal RESEARCH on the underpinnings of the primary election systems in states across the country and pursue litigation where the primary election systems conflict with the state’s constitution or are otherwise in violation of the law.